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Individuals and the Y2K Bug

By Raymond S. Kulzick, CPA, DBA, CDP
As published in the Pinecrest Tribune November 22, 1999.


What do individuals need to do about the Y2K bug?

Everyone knows by now that the use of two digits for dates in some computer programs can result in computer problems under certain circumstances. These problems can happen in large corporate and government computers, in home computers, and in the various "hidden" computers within a wide range of equipment such as alarm systems, cars, and phone switches.

Many conflicting prescriptions have appeared in a variety of media. These include assurances from governmental agencies and flyers in your monthly bank statements indicating that nothing is going to happen, as well as editorials predicting dire failures of basic services such as electricity, telephone, water, police, fire, and medical. This wide divergence of opinion on possible consequences has resulted in an equally wide range of advice as to what people should do to protect themselves.

Current credible studies indicate that there will be some problems in the United States, but that these will probably be non-catastrophic and of relatively short duration. Projections are that problems in developing and undeveloped countries are likely to be much more severe, as less preventive work has been done (primarily for economic reasons). Basic steps that an individual should take now include:

Just use common sense in these last months before 2000. The Y2K problem is real and there could be some difficulties encountered, but don't take unreasonable actions that could waste your money or expose you to con artists and thieves.

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