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What Are Forensic Accounting Litigation Services?

Civil litigation involves disputes between entities, governments, and/or individuals. These disputes can be quite complex and involve numerous financial and other claims, counterclaims, allegations, and issues. Expertise in financial and business areas combined with investigative skills are often required to pursue or defend a litigated issue.

The issues involved in the particular case, rather than the legal nature of the case, normally determine the types and extent of outside expert involvement needed.

Litigation services may be required to:

We may be employed by a party to the litigation, their attorneys, or directly by triers of fact (courts, arbitrators, mediators). As a matter of policy, our firm does not work directly with litigants unless they are represented by legal counsel.

Our Role in Litigation:

An increasingly complex business, economic, and legal environment has expanded the need for qualified accountants and enlarged their role in the litigation process. A CPA experienced in business and qualified in the specific issues involved in the particular litigation case is an indispensable addition.

Our firm works with the client, the client’s attorney, and other experts in a variety of roles depending on the case. Our background in finance, computers, and business provides an essential element in the overall case preparation, negotiation, and trial.

We can assist in the following major areas:




Trial or alternative resolution:

 We serve as:

As experts, we can add to the overall team through our:

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