BUS 794 – Seminar in Business Administration
U6, 2003

Course Competencies

The student will be able to:

Summarize the major historical economic and social trends in western society and be able to relate these trends to changes in business and management practices.

Understand the history of management, business, and specific business functions, and be able to relate this to current trends.

Identify current management and business issues and assess various positions on these issues.

Explain the overall model of business and apply the model to specific companies and business cases.

Provide an overview of the roles of business, government and non-profits in the economy and explain how these roles overlap, inter-relate, and at times, conflict.

Recognize ethical issues in business situations and apply sound reasoning in resolving these issues.

Relate business and management principles and concepts to specific business cases.

Assess the appropriateness of various business strategies in specific case situations.

Discuss historical and current trends and theories, and appropriately apply knowledge from each of the topic areas listed below to practical business and management situations:

Business Environment
Change & Culture
Consultants & Education
Entrepreneurs & Small Business
Ethics & Social Responsibility
Finance & Accounting
Globalization and International
Human Resources
Information Systems
Innovation & Research, Development
Managing People
Production & Operations

Demonstrate the ability to research a specific area of management, create positions both pro and con that taken by a recognized management expert, and present these in a well organized and written final paper.

- R. S. Kulzick - 12/29/2002 -


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