Paper Requirements
BUS 794 - 03/U6

What is the purpose of the paper?

What should the paper contain?

1. The specific approach (quotation only). 

2. 3-5 pages. A brief explanation of what you think the writer meant by the quote. You should research and argue from more than the quote (read something else that is relatively current that he/she has written on the same topic).

3. 7-12 pages. Why you, the writer, and others (at least 2 or 3) think this approach/issue/idea is important and could be the most important method/approach to assessing an organizations health and improving its overall performance.

4. 7-12 pages. What are the problems with this approach? What important things are overlooked? Who says other things are more important (at least 3 or 4)? For example, is the approach too narrow? Why might this not work in practice? Is this approach only good for certain types and/or sizes of companies? Only applicable to certain industries? Why or why not?

5. 1-3 pages. Summarize the specific advantages to taking this approach.

6. 1-3 pages. Summarize the specific disadvantages to taking this approach.

7. 1-2 pages. A summary of why, overall, this is the best approach to take. Don't just copy and paste from section 3 and 5, this should be a summary that is integrated and considers any significant downsides as well as the positive.

Where will I find this information?

As a student, you can do web searches through the library using your STU e-mail login. ABI, EBSCO and Infotrack databases would be the most likely sources as well as the library catalog. You can, of course also search on the general web. Additionally, the library has many good management and business books.

Use what you have learned in class, what you may have learned in other courses, and through your own experiences. Read what other people have written about the subject. If you are not sure about something, ask questions.

How long should it be?

This is a MAJOR research paper and should reflect it. Probably 20 to 30 pages (not including the cover page and reference page). See the page guidelines for each section above.

The key factors are whether you cover the subjects required, demonstrate you understand what you are writing about, can integrate the thoughts of others (not just give disjointed quotes), and can appropriately apply what you learned in the course.

What's the format?

Papers must be in APA format. You must reference any idea that is not yours in the paper and include on the reference page. Use the General button on the left to get more info, samples and FAQs on APA references. You must have a cover page which includes the title, your name, the date, my name, and the course number.

How many sources?

Since this is a research paper, it is expected that there should be significant research. Quality of sources is more important than quantity. However, I would expect at least 6 to 10 quality sources in addition to the textbook interview.

When is it due?

No later than 6:00 PM, September 8, 2003.

How will the grade be determined?

- R. S. Kulzick - 6/30/2003 -


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