BUS 794 - 03/U1
Paper Topics

Bennis - "How much of your talent is being employed in your job? And why?"

Champy - "What he or she is "going through" to get a sense of what they are experiencing and what his or her agenda is."

Edvinsson - "Where is your intellectual capital and how efficient is it?"

Kanter - "What are you trying to accomplish - and what's standing in your way?"

Kim & Mauborgne - "What is it that makes companies exciting, confident, and strong?"

Kotler - 1 "Who are your target customers and which needs of theirs are you trying to satisfy?" 2 "Have you put together a truly superior offering comparing to your competitors?"

Maister - "What are the non-negotiable, minimum standards of behavior in this company?"

Mintzberg - "I would ask no questions before I see, on the ground, with my own eyes, what is going on in the place - what it looks like, how it seems to work, who its people are, etc."

Pascale - "What are your biggest strategic challenges and what are you doing about them?"

Peters - "Who are you?"

Ridderstrale - "If some strange force were to wipe your company off the face of the planet earth, what would the world miss out on?"

Seybold - "Who/which top executive is responsible for the quality of the total customer experience...?"

Tulgan - "Focus on the issues that are of greatest concern here. ... Why is this issue of concern?"

Source: Brown, Tom, Crainer, Stuart, Dearlove, Des & Rodrigues, Jorge. (2002). Business Minds. London: Pearson Education (Prentice-Hall).

- R. S. Kulzick - 1/5/2003 -


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