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Strategic Leadership Forum (

    The Strategic Leadership Forum is North America's leading international business organization focused on strategic management and planning.
    Our Mission is to advance the understanding and practice of strategic management as the integrating force for improving individual and organizational performance and achieving global competitiveness.
    We are the largest professional organization in the world focused on leading edge knowledge of strategy and its implementation. We've built our resources and networks to focus single-mindedly on strategy and implementation. Since this is our only mission, we track trends and issues better and go into greater depth than generalist organizations can.

Strategic Management Society (

    The Strategic Management Society (SMS) is unique in the world in two respects. It brings together the worlds of reflective practice and thoughtful scholarship, combining academics with business people and consultants, the ABCs we call them. And it does so on a truly worldwide basis, with member representation from more than 50 countries and an executive committee which is also international.
    The SMS focuses its attention on the development and dissemination of insights on the strategic management process, as well as on fostering contacts and interchange among ABCs from around the world.

Strategic Planning Society (UK) (

    Effective strategic skills can make the difference between success and failure. The Strategic Planning Society is a membership organisation dedicated to helping you succeed in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment.
The Society has been the leading forum for strategic thinking and foresight since 1967. Our training programme and events are all carefully designed to develop your strategic skills and understanding, and your ability to apply them.
    Our key objective is to advance your career by helping you to formulate powerful strategies and put them into practice successfully, delivering the creative solutions that will drive your organisation forward.

World Future Society (

    The World Future Society is a nonprofit educational and scientific organization for people interested in how social and technological developments are shaping the future. With 30,000 members, the Society serves as a nonpartisan clearinghouse for ideas about the future, including forecasts, recommendations, scenarios, alternatives, and more.


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Source: Descriptions are from the individual organization's web sites.


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