MAN 767 / ACC 755 - Fraud Seminar
M1, 2003



    Dr. Raymond S. Kulzick
    St. Thomas University
    School of Business Administration - OMH
    Phone: (VM) 659-9354
    E-Mail: or


This is an elective course in the M.B.A., M.S. in Management, Master of Accounting, and other graduate programs. It is both a content and process course. Since process is a significant component of the course, participative and group-intensive instructional approaches are utilized as time permits.

The major course objectives are:
    - Know the content as specified in the competencies.
    - Be able to apply theory in practical settings.
    - Understand the role of managers in the area of fraud prevention and detection.


    Book Ordering Information
    Handouts and supplementary materials.

    More detailed course information and requirements are found on the web site.


General. Students are expected to come to each class with all assignments completed prior to the class beginning. Since this is in a minimester format, ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY. All Reading Assignments MUST be completed prior to the beginning of the course.

Integrity. No professional can maintain credibility using another's work, whether that person be a fellow student or a published writer. All work is to be SOLELY and COMPLETELY done by the individual student. READ THE ATTACHED STATEMENT ON PLAGIARISM. A student whose paper or exam is copied is equally at fault as those who do the copying. Keep your work confidential and to yourself! Not everyone is as honest as you are. Students should carefully read, understand and abide by the attached statement on plagiarism and the Graduate School Policy on Academic Conduct in the current catalog and student handbook.

Class Attendance & Participation. Attendance is required, as it should be obvious that students who are not in class will be unable to participate. Every student is expected to participate and contribute to the group's learning experience in a consistent, accurate, and constructive manner.

Schedule. Classes will be held January 6-10, 2003. All Reading Assignments must be completed prior to the beginning of the first class.

Tests. Tests are drawn from the texts, videos, guest speakers, lectures and any assigned supplementary materials. You will be held accountable for all assigned material, whether or not it is discussed in class.

Integrative Paper. A final integrative paper is required to be submitted no later than January 17, 2003. Requirements for the paper can be found on the web site and will be discussed in class. Advance approval of your topic is required.


35%    Short quizzes (daily, open book but timed)
30%    Participation, including assigned projects
35%    Final integrative paper

A  = 93.0 - 100
A- = 90.0 - 92.9
B+ = 87.0 - 89.9
B  = 83.0 - 86.9
B- = 80.0 - 82.9
C+ = 77.0 - 79.9
C  = 73.0 - 76.9
C- = 70.0 - 72.9
D+ = 67.0 - 69.9
D  = 60.0 - 66.9
F  =    0 - 59.9

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