Forensic Accounting Applications
ACC 541

        Hidden Assets Individuals - 12/08/2007
        Hidden Assets Individuals - Common Hiding Places - 12/08/2007

        Court Appointed Mediator - New Rules 11/15/2007

        Syllabus - A7/2009
        Assignments for First Class - A7/09
        Text Information - A7/2009
        Syllabus - A7/2007
        Assignments for First Class - A7/07
        Text Information - A7/2007
        Syllabus - A7/2005
        Text Information - A7/2005

Schedule of classes, assignments and guest speakers
        Schedule and assignments - A7/2009
        Schedule and assignments - A7/2007
        Schedule and assignments - A7/2005

Syllabus Statement on Plagiarism
        Graduate School Policy on Academic Conduct

Course competencies  
        Competencies - A7/2009
        Competencies - A7/2007
        Competencies - A7/2005

        Organizing Project Reports
        Written Quizzes

Research Paper
Paper Topics - A7/2009
Paper Topics - A7/2007
Paper Topics - A7/2005
        Cover Page Requirements

        APA Style information
Legal Citations - The Blue Book

        Business & Finance -
        e-business terms - Prentice-Hall
        Encyclopedia of the New Economy - Wired
        Finance Glossary (includes business) - Yahoo

Professional Organizations
        Fraud Organizations and Links
About Organizations
        Accounting and Auditing Organizations - General
        Accounting and Auditing Organizations - Florida
        Business & Management Organizations
        Information Systems & Technology Organizations
        Strategy and Planning Organizations


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